School Groups


We believe that hands-on learning is the most effective teacher. Let your students explore the world of paleontology first hand through our various school programs.

To qualify for our school group discounts, a class must be part of a state-recognized school. Click here for our regular dig programs.


For more information on the programs below, email us at


Museum Tour


Our paleontologist will lead you through 4.54 billion years of history as you walk through our museum gallery. Touch a real dinosaur bone and see our dedicated staff working on fossils in the prep lab right before your eyes.


$1.50 per person (8 student minimum)

Flexible schedule (takes about 1 hour)


Museum Tour & Activity


Follow up a museum tour with a fun and educational activity. Activities range from creating plaster "tracks" to running a museum-wide paleontological scavenger hunt.


$2.50 per person (8 student minimum)

Flexible schedule (takes 1 to 1.5 hours)


Museum Tour & Dig Program


Learn about what it's like to be a paleontologist on this full day adventure. Meet us at the Dinosaur Center for a short introduction to the area's geologic history before heading out into the field to experience it first hand.


$42.50 per person (8 student minimum)

10:30-11am gallery tour, 30 min lunch break (lunch not provided), 11-2 pm dig program

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