1. When is the best time to join a dig?


It depends on what you want to do. May and the first half of June are generally wetter than the rest of the summer, so we use this time to do nearly all of our exploration and field search before we have to open up our dig sites.


July and August are our prime dig months. We're soaking up the sun and taking our time exposing as many fossils as possible.


In September we tend to pick up the pace in preparation for snow (which usually comes the last week of September or the first week of October). This time of year we try not to expose anything new and instead focus on getting the stuff we know about back to the museum. Warning: You will get very messy.


2. What is the weather like?

Although we plan on having sunny days most of the summer, May-mid June tend to be rainy and we do get scattered thunderstorms throughout July and August. When it's not raining, expect temperatures to be in the 80-90s, but pack a warm jacket nonetheless. Temperatures have been known to drop up to 50 degrees in one day. We have seen snow in Bynum every month of the year.


3. What dig site will I be working on?


We have no idea!


We typically don't know what site we'll be working on until that day. We choose what sites we visit based on group size, skill level, and scientific priority. However, I can tell you that you'll most likely be working on a duckbill dinosaur. They are known as the Cows of the Cretaceous and they are everywhere!


4. Is there an age minimum? Maximum?


We do not set age limits, however we do ask that you seriously consider the conditions we will be working in and whether they are right for you. We will be walking over loose and uneven terrain. It will be hot and sometimes buggy. The work can sometimes be tedious and boring.


5. What are the group sizes like?


We try to keep groups small - around 5-6 people - although we do occasionally have larger groups. The biggest combined group we will take out is 10, unless everyone for the day is from a single group, like a rock club or scout troop. If you have a group larger than 10 please contact us at info@tmdinosaurcenter.org.


6. How do I register?

We schedule people on a first-come, first-serve basis, and although we can schedule your group the day before a program, we really prefer that you call at least a month in advance in order to ensure availability. Once you have a date or two picked out, give us a call at (406)469-2211. We take a 25% deposit and also fill out a form with your program information. Deposits can come in any form (credit card, check, or cash) but we won't be able to put you on the schedule until we receive your deposit.


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