• Steve Dogiakos

Two Medicine Dinosaur Center Elects New Board Chairwoman

On Saturday, December 14th at the Annual General. Membership Meeting, the Two Medicine Dinosaur Center welcomed Stacia Matinreau as it’s new Board President. Stacia will proceed long-time board president Dave Trexler when she takes over leading the museum’s governing body in January. Stacia is the first woman to hold the position.

Two Medicine Dinosaur Center also welcomed Sandra and Steve Dogiakos to the board at the meeting. They join the 11 member board.

About Two Medicine Dinosaur Center

The mission of Two Medicine Dinosaur is to provide hands-on educational experiences for the public, based as much as possible on actual research sites and utilizing research personnel; to promote research and publications on the objects and information collected; and to collect, preserve, and interpret for the public, items relating to the physical and cultural heritage of the world. This corporation is dedicated to the sharing of information with other organizations for the advancement of science and the education and enjoyment of the public.

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