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Booked a Montana Dinosaur Dig? Follow These 10 Facebook Pages Before You Go!

Facebook is a great place to learn about science and explore the world of dinosaurs. If you just booked your Montana Dinosaur Dig with the Two Medicine Dinosaur Center, these Pages are "must-follow" to get yourself excited for your Montana Dinosaur Dig adventure!

Two Medicine Dinosaur Center

This is our Facebook Page! You will definitely want to like our Facebook. We love to share the happenings of the Museum, photos from our digs and the fossils we are working on in the lab.

The Montana Dino Trail

If you are interested in dinosaurs in Montana this is the page for you. The page will help you virtually explore 14 dinosaur attractions in Montana. The page is full of photos and articles from institutions and attractions around Montana and they share an article now and then, too.

In Stone Fossils

On this page, you will find stunning fossil photos and fascinating videos of fossil preparation. In Stone Fossils is based in Wyoming and they have been digging up all kinds of beautiful prehistoric stuff in the Green River formation for 50 years.

All Things Dinosaur

All Things Dinosaurs will give you a dino a day (some times more than 1). They post about a new prehistoric species each day including stunning drawings and interesting facts about habitat, diet and more.

Paleontology World

This page is all things dinosaur online. They have in-depth articles, book recommendations, and all your Jurrasic Park entertainment news. This is the page for dinosaur lovers of all ages. They don’t take themselves too seriously and it is a lot of fun. The page has over 277,000 likes.

Michael Holland Productions

This Facebook page was created by the “producer of natural history exhibit features.” He builds museum displays including real fossils and casts. This page is a cool look into the behind-the-scenes of world dinosaur museums.

Brian Engh Art

This is the page of professional paleoartist Brian Engh. If you are interested in the art of dinosaurs or if you just like cool drawings of prehistory you will want to check out this page. He does sculpture too and his videos are work of art too.

Gabriel Ugueto Art

Do you like dinosaurs with feathers? This page has you covered! The sketches and full-color illustrations will amaze you. He often shares each stage of this work. So you get to see it all the way from sketch to final illustration.

PaleoProductions - The Paleo Art of Zach Coker

Here is a page that is on the cutting edge of Paleo Art. Using computer rendering and 3-D printing Zach Coker creates amazing dinosaurs that can fit on your desk. He also shares cool sketches, paintings, and the most adorable illustrated dinosaurs you've ever seen!

Amazing Geologist

These might be the prettiest rocks on the internet. As an aspiring rockhound, you likely enjoy all kinds of rocks and this page will give you the best. There are magazine-quality photos of minerals, fossils, and gems. We all need a little more beauty in our news feeds!

If you are interested in learning more about dinosaurs, paleontology, or geology visit these pages.

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