We offer a variety of programs for all ages! Interested in a school field trip or Scout outing? All programs build off of one another, so the longer you stay, the more you will learn! We are primarily a research facility, so if you come out for a day or longer you will be helping us conduct real research out in the field. Contact us to register for your program at least 2 weeks in advance in order to guarantee availability. If you have any questions about our programs please visit our Program FAQ page, call us at (800)238-6873, or email us at digs@tmdinosaurcenter.org.


Below are some things to think about before you register for our programs.



May through mid-June is spent exploring badlands and hillsides to see what new fossils the winter weather exposed for us. If you like to hike, consider coming out earlier in the year and help us find our next big discovery. We open up our dig sites mid-June and consistently work on them through Labor Day in September. July and August are ideal for digging, but fill up fast. During most of September, we are working on preparing the sites for the winter, so we tend to do less "digging" and more stabilization and extraction. If you like getting messy, consider joining us in September. Try to register at least a month in advance to ensure availability.



Our rainy season goes from May to mid-June, hence why we do not open our dig sites before then (our soft, porous bones are extremely susceptible to moisture). From mid-June to mid-September the weather is favorable, if not a little on the hot side, but we do get occasional thunderstorms to move through the area. If at any point during the summer your program gets canceled due to weather you can decide whether you would like your program refunded or rescheduled. We typically close down our sites before the first snowfall, which is either the last week of September or early October.

Age Minimum

We do not have an age minimum for our programs, but please read through the descriptions of our programs and determine which one will be the right fit for your child. All children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian. 


Groups and Discounts

We offer a 10% discount for groups of 8 or more, a 35% discount for educational non-profit groups (i.e. Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Rock & Mineral Societies, etc.), and a 50% discount for state-recognized schools. We have special programs for homeschool students. You can also check out our Membership options for more opportunities. Lunches are not provided for those that qualify for group discounts, but we do have plenty of coolers for you to use!



All fossils collected by the Montana Dinosaur Center and our crew (that includes you!) are collected with the intent of scientific research and go straight into our Collections room. This means that we do not allow anyone to take fossils home from our dig sites, even if you are the one that found it.

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