Become a Patron

Why should I become a patron?

Patronages are essential to support growth within the museum. They help fund projects and new exhibits, internships, and research.

Member Benefits

  • FREE admission to the Dinosaur Center. All memberships, except Individual, allow free admission of anyone in your party.

  • Quarterly newsletters that keep you updated on events and programs.

  • 10% discount on programs (except accredited courses) and gift shop purchases.

  • Eligible to attend "Member Only" events and programs.

Annual Membership Rates

  • Individual            $25.00
    Covers one patron admission and program discount

  • Family                 $45.00
    Covers 2+ patron admission and program discount

  • Business             $75.00
    Covers party admission and program discount 
    Your business becomes a Friend of the Museum.

  • Sustaining          $100.00

  • Patron                 $500.00

  • Benefactor          $2,500.00

  • Lifetime*            $10,000.00
    Lifetime not renewed annually

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